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Wholesome Inga Lam content: Recreating Ghibli dishes for 24hrs

In her weekly cooking videos, Inga Lam, a Buzzfeed producer and chef at the Tasty Studios, walks her viewers through the steps of making individual recipes for savory kitchen recipes.

I chose to focus on the Studio Ghibli foods video for this week. Ghibli is my favorite film collection of all time, and the food showcased within these individual films is shown to be easily recreatable and equally as aesthetic as the dishes shown in the films.

For those of you who have not read my previous posts where I added a bit of info regarding Studio Ghibli via my selection for Mary and The Witch’s Flower, allow me to explain a bit more about the Ghibli films mentioned in the video above.

First we have Kiki’s Delivery Service. Released in 1989, it is based on the book by Eiko Kadono and follows the plotline of a young witch named Kiki who moves to a new sea side town and uses her abilities of flight to make a living in her new town.

Second is Ponyo On The Cliff. Released in 2008, the film is about a friendship that is formed between a five year old boy and a little goldfish princess who desperately wants to see the surface. Also mentioned in this video is My Neighbor Totoro. Made in 1988, this film follows the premise of two little girls who move to a new home in the countryside and find out that their new neighbor is a giant forest spirit named Totoro who takes them on a grand adventure.

Spirited Away, released in 2001 by Studio Ghibli, follows the story of a young girl named Chihiro who after having made a big move to her new home finds herself trapped doing laborious tasks for a witch at a mystical bath house after her parents wander into a magical abandoned amusement park. It is then up to Chihiro to find a way to return herself and her parents home again.

Lastly, Grave of the Fireflies, which was released in 1988, centers around the 1967 novel by the same name written by author Akiyuki Nosaka. Grave of the Fireflies focuses on the tragic tale of two orphaned children trying to survive throughout the end of WWII.

Inga demonstrates within her video how to recreate iconic Ghibli dishes like the ramen from Ponyo On The Cliff and The Bento Box from My Neighbor Totoro. For a midday snack she pulls out the fruit hard candies from the film Grave of The Fireflies, and also briefly goes over how to make the giant red bean bun eaten by the main character Chihiro from Spirited Away. Inga finishes off this video making a chocolate cake decorated to resemble the homemade chocolate cake in Kiki’s Delivery Service.

I thought I would make a quick piece on this video as it is one of my favorites to re-watch and all the food shown in the video is aesthetically pleasing so it is a bit of a mood booster during a long day. If you want something low stress and interesting to watch or if you would like to test out your cooking skills with the recipes shown in this video then definitely give this a watch!


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