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  • Eliot Fuller

Why a Chicago convention is backfiring for Democrats

When the Democratic Party picked Chicago to host its 2024 convention last year, they probably didn’t anticipate the progressive backlash waiting in President Biden’s near future. The Democratic National Convention (DNC) likely thought it would be wise to have their event in a democratic stronghold like Illinois, as doing so could rally the President’s base and help preserve the “blue wall” come November. Yet, as the summer convention approaches, a liberal city seems like the last place Biden would want to find himself. 

Chicago has been a hub for Palestinian support in America since last October when Israel launched a ground invasion in Gaza. In January, we officially became the largest city to call for a ceasefire. Additionally, government figures from Jill Biden to Dr. Fauci have been met with protests and interruptions in their visits to Chicago. Imagine this on a much larger scale. When Biden comes to speak in August, he’ll likely be met with a fire and fury that the DNC hasn’t seen since 1968, when Americans took to the streets protesting our involvement in Vietnam. 

Progressives are not happy with Biden right now. His support for Israel has fractured the Democratic Party and enraged one of the most vocal demographics in the country. If the United States keeps funding Israel and left-wing outrage continues to grow, the 2024 DNC won’t be a pretty sight.   

Here’s another thing to consider– Illinois isn’t a swing state. A political party typically targets a competitive state for its convention to generate hype and drive voter turnout. Detroit would’ve been a way better option for the DNC this year because Michigan is arguably one of the most competitive and most important states for both Biden and Trump. The RNC will be in Milwaukee, signaling the GOP’s intent to go all-in with Wisconsin this year– another important swing state. The Democrats gathering in Illinois is no different than the Republicans gathering in Wyoming or Alabama. It’s not smart, and the inevitable protests make a bad situation worse.  

The cover photo portrays Michelle Obama at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, held in Denver, Colorado


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