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Why Did I Change My Major?

Posted on January 17, 2020

Changing my major was not an easy process. I started out as a Mathematics Major in the Mathematics and Computer Science department in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) college. I always loved mathematics, so much. Most of the people in my high school know me for my math skills or from yearbook photography. I used to love math so much, that I used to explain math problems to my friends all the time, and algebra was like my family member.

I chose math as my major because I loved the idea of data science and math was a huge part of Data Science. You gather all the data, see the trend, and predict the future with all those algorithms. Initially, I wanted to move to Mathematical Computer Science in the same department. Later, I decided to take a Computer Science class, which was completely based on real-life data and we were using Pandas Modules for the visualization. I really enjoyed coding, solving anything from tiny little problems to advanced problems. I enjoyed every single thing I did for my CS class. Whereas I didn’t love calculus as much I did python (don’t get me wrong, I liked Calculus but I didn’t love it). After two months of CS 111, we started working on a web crawler project. I really enjoyed working on that project. I was able to explore more in computer science during that time.

In the meantime, I started talking to my father about cloud computing and the latest technologies in the market. Even though I have very minimal experience in cloud computing, I loved the idea of servers being in the cloud and data being really secure. Then I started thinking about my major and talked with my advisor to discuss changing it to Computer Science. I applied for an inter-college transfer to Computer Science in the College of Engineering. It took them around two months to finalize my approval after all my fall grades were good.

Now comes the big question, what do I want to do? As a Computer Science major, I have a lot of options now. I can focus on Data Science, Cloud Computing, Web Development, and Game Design. I am really happy I changed my major because I am keeping my options open to working in different fields of the software industry.


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