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Wilco’s Winter Wonderland

Last week, I was able to see Chicago’s very own Wilco perform at the Riviera Theatre for Day Four of “Wilco Winterlude”. To say that I was awestruck during the entire concert is an understatement.


Lead Singer: Jeff Tweedy


To celebrate their 20 years as a band, Wilco presented the “Wilco Winterlude”, a performance that spans six nights at the Riviera Theatre. For each night, the band played a completely different setlist which consisted of their songs from all of the albums they released over the past two decades.

Guitarist: Nels Cline

Guitarist: Nels Cline

As a part of the Wilco Winterlude, the band teamed up with WXRT’s Holiday Concert for the Kids. The band took in toy and book donations from concert goers so that it can be donated to children hospitals in the Chicago-land area.


Bassist: John Stirratt

There’s something special about seeing a band’s hometown show. The whole night felt magical to me. This particular performance was sold out and you can tell. The entire venue was filled to the brim with people. From where I was standing in the crowd, there was hardly any room to move at all. However, due to the lack of space, concert goers were almost forced to converse. Throughout the night, I was able to bond with the people around me after talking about our favorite songs and also singing and dancing along to the music.

Lead Singer: Jeff Tweedy

Lead Singer: Jeff Tweedy

My favorite part of the night was when I got to listen to some of my most favorite songs by the band including “Shake It Off” from their album Sky Blue Sky and “Say You Miss Me” from their album Being There.  My only regret that I didn’t pick up their Winterlude Day Four poster!


Overall, the show was amazing and I would recommend everyone to check them out the next time that they have a concert. I can’t wait to see the band again when they come back home. If you want to see what other songs the band performed that night, you can see their setlist on their Facebook page.

What’s your favorite Wilco song? Let me know in the comments below!


(Photos taken by Pearl Shin)



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