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Will Rose and the Bulls Be in Full Bloom This Season?

Pre-Season is over, and we all know what that means. It’s time for the NBA Season to kick in!

Everyone has been talking about the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose’s return (again).

With Rose being the 2011 MVP, a lot of pressure has been put on him and is known as “The Star Player”.

Is it possible that the reasons the Bulls have not been doing their best lately is because the players keep relying on Derrick Rose?

Even though the star player has been injured twice in back to back seasons, his teammates still rely on him greatly to bring the team to victory.

According to Steve Aschburner, a writer for the NBA website, he states that the Bulls should “do more, with less Rose”. Meaning that the players should start taking up strategies that does not put all the pressure of winning on Rose.


Coach Tom Thibodeau is agreeing with the idea as well. “Thibodeau knows that by removing certain players while replacing them with just rotation guys is a big takeaway from the season.”

Instead of putting all the pressure on Rose, by lessening his load and instead of having the players rely just on him, but improving other strategies, it can lead to great success for the team later on.

Aschburner states, “The Bulls are already adopting more strategies. They have added more offense  in the form of shooters such as Doug McDermott, free agents Pau Gasol and Aaron Brooks and import Nikola Mirotic.” By doing so, this should help Rose by not scoring as much and should spread out the defenses  and lessen his contact for when he does have control over the ball.

What do you guys think of the Bulls this season? Be sure to comment below 😀


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