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21 Questions

 Posted on March 15, 2019

Give or take a few…

One way to go about having a life and style blog is to answer some questions and so, today, I give you a brand-new corner named “Yahoo-t at Me.” Yahoo is in the name because I’m getting these questions straight from the unanswered section of Yahoo Answers. Here we go!

Actually, the original Xbox console has already been remade. It’s called the Xbox One. (Get it? Since its number one?) Ok, in all seriousness, I believe the correct answer is a tentative yes. After all, we are in the age of remakes what with remake Aladdin hitting theaters this year and even the original PlayStation 1 getting remade. There is a trend and a trend must be followed it seems.

Gru meme

Retrieved from

Step 1: Choose a security question. (Best to choose an easy one like your Pet’s name.)

Step 2: Answer the security question with something you’ll remember. (Enter your pets name here.)

Step 3: Forget your security answer.

Step 4: Gru meme.

I’m pretty heavy, but I can usually drop 2-3 lbs fairly quickly if I work hard, but lately, I’ve been trying even harder and have stayed the same!! What can I do??

You can stop trying even harder. If you had no problems losing 2-3 pounds before, there’s no need to increase your workload because you were already working hard. Don’t stress yourself out and keep doing what you were doing at a steady pace and you will see results!


Retrieved from Yahoo Answers


Update: What is it called?

Hm… well, it will probably keep you cool physically since its less hair up there and you can feel the breeze. Yeah, that’s all I got. Also, I shall christen this hairstyle “so Hawkeye, Channing Tatum, and Kirsten Stewart all walked into the same barber shop.”

I’m typing this on a laptop. That being said, desktops are better… sometimes. Laptops have less space, overheat quicker, don’t come with a mouse, and the list goes on and on, but laptops are portable. Laptops are convenient (because they’re portable), more comfortable to use (because they’re portable), and easily accessible (because they’re you know what). Laptops are just so portable, y’know? In conclusion, I don’t know.

Someone convinced me to see a therapist about my stress and personal life (it took a lot of convincing, but I thought why not give it a try after all).

As it turns out, I need to take time off work to speak to a therapist. Does this sound ridiculous to anyone that therapists are less accessible than a frigging dentist? No wonder everyone’s depressed.

You have… a very valid point. You might have just unlocked one of the reasons behind depression. I only have one answer. You’re right.

Ask again later

So, I feel pretty good about these questions even if I had subpar answers. The sad thing is I never actually answered their questions on the site, but maybe that’s a good thing and I can spare them my answers.

Bonus points if you click on the links and the answers given match with mine.


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