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29th Chicago Latino Film Festival

Absolutely see-worthy films at their best! The 29th Chicago Latino Film Festival is something every Chicagoan should take advantage of. Not only does it include films from all over Latin America but also local film makers; making our city look good! My trip was prompted by the documentary 19 and a day—a film about slain Pilsener /Hip hop artist Jeff Maldonado, Jr. (J-DEF) that I blogged about a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I missed the screening at UIC’s Latino Cultural Center but I did get there in time to speak to Elizabeth Maldonado, Jeff’s mother who told me to catch the next screening at this film festival.

So, last Thursday I made the trip to the AMC Loews Theater (600 N. Michigan Ave.) to see not only 19 and a day but also Peru Sabe, a documentary about Peru’s amazing cuisine. I left with my mouth watering and completely amazed by the film’s ability to make me feel like I was in Peru (just for a sec).

Both documentary’s were amazing and were followed by a Q & A session with 19 and a Day’s producers and Jeff’s parents (it was a very heartfelt discussion that left me in tears!)

The festival is currently in full gear until April 25th. It offers various films everyday in various locations and times. Students get tickets at discounted rate of $10. Don’t miss out! A quick trip on the red line can get you there.

Above is a quick snippet of what it offers but it doesn’t do justice. I also walked out with a festival poster! Not bad.



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