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Affirming Positivity

Good morning good morning good morning! Rachtheblog here, ready with a set of affirmations to help everyone get through the final weeks of the first semester. Things have been tough and stressful lately, but we’re almost there. Don’t give up!

I have separated them into categories, but feel free to read all of them! I recommend writing these down on post-its, and putting them somewhere where you can see them everyday. Remember, you deserve to live a life you want to live. 

To be content with how things are now :

I am grateful for every experience

I make it a habit to feel and be grateful daily

I am doing what I can

I learn lessons from the worst days

For those who feel stuck :

Nothing stands between me and my highest good

I can and I will

I am grateful for sunsets

I am always working on my goals

Keep persevering! :

I recognize my role in attracting everything that comes my way

I am learning about myself by finding the right mixture of discipline and freedom

I refuse to let anyone stop me, not even myself

I attract everything I require to achieve my goals by focusing on the outcome

For those who need to believe in themselves :

I believe in myself and my ability to create new opportunities

I am grateful for my perspectives

The only person ahead of me is me from 10 years in the future

I am capable and confident

To let go of stress and fears :

I concentrate on uplifting thoughts and words

I am destined to achieve what I want to achieve

I release myself from the heaviness of worry and my fears

There is beauty and calm all around :

I invite calm into my life

I wish happiness for everyone I meet

I am happy because no matter how bad things get for me personally, there are always ways for me to find happiness


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