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Artifact at the Icon


     As I wait in line I see a majority of women looking around I can see their eyes searching the theatre hoping they get the chance to spot Jared Leto. As I tweet my arrival, the film’s official Twitter account retweeted me, causing my phone to blow up and die. It’s not too long until the line moves and the line divides between those with VIP pink bracelets and those yellow bracelets. The difference is that those with pink bracelets get to meet with Jared Leto (note to self: save money to buy pink bracelet next time). Once settled with my complimentary popcorn and drink I waited patiently for the movie to begin…

            Artifact a movie that covers the lawsuit that the band Thirty Seconds to Mars faced back in 2008 with their record label EMI; this was all directed by Jared Leto. The band was being sued for thirty million dollars for apparently breaching their contact, the band stood up against their label stating that they were not in the wrong. The documentary explains how the label works, the pressure the band faced, and how they recorded their third album ‘This Is War’. If you have any interest in entertainment law, music business, or just in music; this is a must see documentary.

            The film was well directed as it captures the essence of their struggle, the revelations of the music industry, and what it takes to create an album. The film also included several interviews with some of my favorite musicians from bands like Linkin Park, System of a Down, and OkGo to name just a few.

            Keep in mind I am a member of the Echelon family (what you would call Thirty Seconds to Mars fan base) so I may be biased but also I’m trying to work in the music industry; so I found this insightful. I have watched this documentary about five times and each time I feel the same feelings. A feeling that I definitely want to work in music, I feel that music is powerful, that artists need to be respected, and that there is hope for the music industry and that for dreamers there is possibility to do what you love.

            Artifact is available at the iTunes store and Amazon; check out the trailer below.



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