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  • Margarita Mejia

Autumn Anticipation

I blinked, and away the summer went. From warm fuzzy socks and bringing out cowboy boots to apple cider, I think there are other tangible and intangible things that cultivate the feeling of crisp air and cool nights.

To pair with listening to Mitski’s new album, The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We, lighting an incense stick and placing it on a wooden holder with dim lights would really embrace an October rural feeling. The acoustic melodies and melancholic rhythms, especially in her song “My Love Mine All Mine” produce a sort of eerie lovingness that is somewhat chilling.

Other melancholic tunes I would add to a melancholic autumn playlist would be “House of Cards” by Radiohead and “Vampire Empire" by Big Thief. I look forward to shopping for soft knit scarves in the upcoming months to pair with leather boots. Perhaps seasonality won't be as present this year as I come to romanticize autumn activities.

For tasty treats, drinking atole (a hot and thick Mexican cinnamon drink) or a hot oat milk vanilla latte makes any environment feel cozy (or whatever suits your taste buds). Baking becomes an activity I always come back to when the weather starts to chill. Banana and pumpkin loaves fresh from the oven are something I look forward to sharing with others. 


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