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Can I Overcome My Introversion For One Night?

Have you ever had a trait of your personality conflict with an activity?

I had a paper due this week for my psychology class, Theories of Personality, where I had to describe my personality using three traits. One of the traits that describes part of my personality well is me being low on extraversion, which is introversion. This past week I also bought a ticket for UIC’s Homecoming Dance, because my friends peer pressured me to buy it. How are these two things even remotely related?


Well I’ve never had that of pleasant experiences in big social settings; for example, a party I went to for the first time with my friends. I didn’t really have as much fun as I thought maybe, because I didn’t really socialize with anyone in any way; such as dancing with a random girl, because I was just thinking to my self on how I would start a conversation with them, so we could dance. I was just at the party in a vibe to the music. I feel that may translate to this upcoming dance that is Saturday which is the same day that this entry goes up. Come the dance, I’m going to have a tough time approaching a cute girl, and I’m just going to be thinking about how to approach them and what to say, and how I would go about asking them to dance, as well as trying to get to know them. This event can turn out one of many ways, it can lead me to being a bit more social, me not enjoying myself to the fullest extent, or a potential future date if I approach someone to dance and can capture their attention through dance. Lend me your strength for this event to try to overcome my personality trait for one night.


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