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Cope and Hope

Whether you’re a full-blown germaphobe or just stressing over COVID-19, I think WE’RE ALL a little scared of this chaotic pandemic. It’s impossible to ignore with the mass emails and updates so let’s talk about how to deal with the drama.

  1. Share your concerns

  2. Don’t feel lame or annoying about venting how you feel if the virus is worrying you. You’re not alone and sharing your concern can ease some of the worrying.

  3. If the virus is triggering your anxiety, be open and honest about it to your professor. Anxiety is no joke and no one should have to deal with the virus paranoia (we have enough anxieties as it is).

  4. Take time to RELAX

  5. In reality, the anxiety, paranoia, and worrying is the real issue at hand. As long as you’re relatively healthy, you’re not old, and you have no compromised immune system you should be more than fine.

  6. Stay in and watch a movie, do a face mask, play video games, or just sleep through the commotion cause there really is no reason to stress out.

  7. Take it easy on social media

  8. Most of the worry stems from all the hype and news articles so take time away from your phone or at least mute that part of your life just for the evening to clear your mind.

  9. Read reliable sources.

  10. Stay Healthy (DUHHH)

  11. This is a reminder to DRINK WATER. Eat a well-balanced meal and try taking a walk to get some exercise in.


  13. Remember, there is a ton of misinformed articles in relation to DIY hand sanitizers. Just wash your hands and keep them moisturized to avoid exposure.

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