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Dubstep and the SWAGGERS


I’ve been looking out for some good dubstep remixes to get my hip hop on and guess what I found!

I can’t pretend to be a B-girl, but I’ve always had huge respect for hip hop as both a dance style, and a political and social message that connects people around the world.

Every now and then you’ll find me attempting to pop and lock in front of the bathroom mirror, or haunting Youtube for the latest competitions worldwide. I’m particularly interested in good female hip hoppers who have really taken the stage and not resorted to what I like to call “girly hip-hop” (not that that doesn’t take talent, it’s just not my thing).

Let me introduce you to an international group called the SWAGGERS.

This all-female dance crew has been rocking it for some time on the streets of Paris and it’s awesome to trace their performances online as well as each member’s individual contributions to dance. I’ve included a famous video of theirs below.

This video also features an interesting mix called Eastern Jam by Chase and Status that combines Hindi song Silsila Ye Chaahaat Ka from famous hit film Devdas with some nice dubstep beats. As both a hip hop fan and a Bollywood dance dancer, you can imagine me getting psyched about this one!

But you should check it out for yourself 🙂

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