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This week’s show features the music of four artists born during the week and a classic album released 45 years ago this week.  The four featured artists are REGINA SPEKTOR(33 on Tuesday), PETER HOLSAPPLE of THE dB’s (57 on Tuesday), RANDY CALIFORNIA of SPIRIT(born on Feb. 20, 1951), and KURT COBAIN(born on Feb. 20, 1967).  The featured album is BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS’ debut, “Child Is Father To The Man”, released 45 years ago on Feb. 21, 1968.  For requests, you can reply to this message or email John Rose at 

HIDDEN TREASURES OF ROCK’N’ROLL is broadcast every Monday from 12-4 PM CST at .  Thanks for listening!

Listen to “HIDDEN TREASURES OF ROCK ‘N ROLL”, some of the best music you’ve never heard,every Monday from 12-4PM CST on the net at

More show info at .  You can also find John Rose on Facebook at .

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