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Hiphop Around the World: Keone Madrid

I’ve been trying to keep up with some of my favorite dancers on YouTube and I am fast becoming a fan of this guy!

Keone Madrid from San Diego, choreographer, dancer and self-professed Christian, is an artist I will definitely be keeping an eye on.

As I was having my regular browse fest -and fantasizing about becoming the star of Step Up 5- I came across Madrid while searching for some good choreo to one of my favorite songs, Without You, by Usher and David Guetta. This video completely blew me away!

Not only is Madrid clearly talented, he has also been part of several movements to use his love of dance for good. One of them, The Kingdom Made is,

“A for-profit social entrepreneurship where a creative community comes to turn product into purpose. We will use fresh art, clothing, and other products to give back to those in need…”

See the rest of the rest of the mission statement here.

Not only that, but Madrid (and his wife, Mariel), have taught at Urban Dance Camp, a prestigious summer intensive featuring choreographers from all around the world. Check out their interview from this year’s camp!

I tell you, watching these makes me wanna dig out my sweats and try (failing miserably) to get my pop and lock on!

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