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i am the sun 04/25/23

I feel like the world is ending. But it is not.

The sun sets at eight every night, and on really clear nights, I can see the stars.

When it gets dark, the darkness is darker than I expect.

On the best nights, the darkness is a friend.

But it’s hard to keep friends.

At first, every night is the best night. I connect with the stars and we compliment each other.

Me and twilight click.

But after a few hours, I feel alone.

The stars are still there. Darkness continues to encapsulate me.

But it’s different. Time has passed. I’m different.

At first, I was as bright as the stars above me.

But after a few hours,

Not even dusk can get to me.

The world isn’t ending. But it feels like it.

The sun rises at seven every morning, and on the sunniest of mornings, I can feel the heat beam on my face as an alarm clock.

A fresh start.

I am the sun.

Yet, it will still get dark tonight.

The day will go away.

The stars will come out.

We will greet each other with a bright smile and a friendship will ignite.

And the pattern will continue.


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