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Living In My Mind 03/14/23

Living in my mind.

Zoning out.

A break from reality.

Blurred vision withdraws

tension from sight


makes space for imagination

to take over.

I’m thinking about


I’m laying

in my field of thoughts,

smelling the fragrance

of fresh anxiety,

feeling the soft

petals of intense


The clock is ticking.

Wake up.

I don’t.

A break from reality.

I need more time.

Thinking doesn’t come

in the form of one.

Thinking is escorted

by feeling.

Feeling follows and

takes its time

burrowing itself behind

my eyes,

as if I’m blind

to everything but

the color of emotion.

At least I’m alone.

A break from reality.

My inner voice

singing along to the tune

of my life song.

Living in my mind.


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