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May it be…Enya


You can’t spend much time with me and not listen to Enya at some point. Being a die-hard fan of Lord of the Rings and all things Elvish, I can be found wandering around campus on windy days singing snatches of ‘Amarantine‘ and ‘May It Be‘.

But enough about me.

This talented singer, hailing from the misty isles, is well-known for her dreamy, almost trance-like choir (or New Age) sound and her ability to sing about 50 different voices at once. Multi-layered tracks with instruments that she plays herself, her own compositions and her own voice for all the back-up singing, she is truly a one-man band.

…wo-man-band? (ok, ok, bad joke)

Also famous for her forays into foreign languages that range from Japanese and Spanish to Quenya and Sindarin, which, if anyone cares, are two Elvish languages created by J.R.R.Tolkien. Don’t mind me, I’m just a nerd.

So if you’re ever in need  of something to relax with that hasn’t got a pounding beat and you have time to sit back, close your eyes and imagine drifting clouds and sunsets on the Irish Sea, I highly recommend her. But don’t talk my word for it, have a listen yourself!


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