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Movies + Shows to watch on Valentine’s Week

In honor of Valentine’s day/week, I wanted to discuss my favorite romantic films and shows that give off loving energy, other than the classic romcom, The Notebook (which is still great!).

1. Bones and All

Some may feel repulsed by the concept of cannibalism in this movie, but what I experienced from my viewing was the beauty in such a strong, connected and passionate relationship. I love concepts that deal with survival and never would’ve thought a romantic relationship could be portrayed in such thrilling situations until watching this film.

2. 20th Century Girl

I love the innocent sense of love in this film and the playful suspense the two romantic leads have. The vivid and romantic dream-like color scheme is very stunning as you view along the journey. It’s more humorous than dramatic for audiences who like K-Dramas. The ending, of course, almost brought me into tears.

3. Call Me by Your Name

This movie feels like a pastel drawing come to life and I like the subtle enemies/haters to lovers trope because of the tension that leaves you seated. Call me masochistic, but I love the art in the sadness and grief that Elio portrays and how upsetting and tragic it feels.

4. The Fault in Our Stars

Even reading John Green books is a great way to spend the holiday, but this movie in particular used to be such a comfort movie for me. I remember wanting what they had so bad when I first watched this.

5. La La Land

I went into watching this thinking it was going to be a cheesy love story, but I love how it portrayed the important message of how one must always put themselves and their goals first before their partner. This movie really breaks away that toxic tradition of a relationship needing to stay forever. My favorite song from the soundtrack would be “City of Stars.”

6. The Photograph

This whole movie feels like it’s taking you on a little modern art museum date and I love how it slowly settles into the romantic lead chemistry. The writing of the plot makes them feel very “meant to be” (or soulmates that is).

7. Nevertheless

The beginning, and very first episode, of this show portrays quite a leap and sudden tragedy. I personally love to watch this show to hate on the “F-boy” type of main character. The various conflicts and drama in the show leaves you seated to binge it in one sitting. The soundtrack is also very warm feeling despite the rollercoaster of emotions.


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