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My Favorite Album Covers

Unknown Pleasures

Joy Division

As iconic of an album cover art as they come. It’s really simple but so effective in capturing the bleak and airy sound of the album. (The image is actually a stacked plot of radio emissions of a pulsar which is a pulsating neutron star)

Titanic Rising

Weyes Blood

I love everything about this: the lighting, the way the curtains look, the fact that she has her dads band poster on the back wall. It feels so intimate, like I’m looking in on somebody’s dream.

Maggot Brain


Pink Moon

Nick Drake

The Low End Theory

A Tribe Called Quest

I was trying to think of my favorite hip hop album cover and The Low End Theory stood out as the obvious candidate. On it is featured the iconic green and red figure that would go on to be featured in different iterations on future A Tribe Called Quest albums.

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