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On The Grid : Book Club Radio Offers a New Wave of DJ's

A dance club disguised as a book club—as the creators describe it, that's exactly what Book Club Radio is. I recently discovered this organized event through YouTube when one of their mixes showed up on my feed. Being bored and scrolling for a while, their titles caught my attention: "Groovy Disco and R&B Mix at a New York Basement Party | Tinzo". I click on it, and I'm teleported to a dance party. As I'm new to the house music scene and DJ sets, this was such an amazing introduction. I felt like I was actually there, and the music was just so amazing.

Wishing I could be there and experience the event myself led me to research and learn more about this "book club." When a new visitor clicks on their website the homepage is immediately states one of their core rules one of their rules. "No Phones on the Dancefloor" While

this rule isn't new to the house scene, for a party that will be recorded and posted publicly on the internet it's pretty ironic. The reason for this is that they want people to really be in the moment, their parties and DJ sets are meant to be enjoyed and lived in the present. Their goal for this is for people to connect through the music hence another "rule" that the attendees must face away from the DJ. So they focus on each other and aren't just staring at the DJ the entire night.

Another interesting thing about this event is that every week a theme for the party is posted on The Librarian's Instagram ( With their link tree including inspirational pictures for each theme, their website, and Patreon. By utilizing Patreon, followers can join and support Book Club Radio and get exclusive invites to the next book meeting with a chance to enjoy a fun night full of music and mixes.

I would love to see an event like this happen in the city of Chicago, a party where people go to dance and really discover and listen to new music. A place where people can express themselves and respect others, a safe space.

Below are some other Book Club Radio mixes, featuring Tinzo and Jojo—some of my favorite featured DJs.



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