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Plans Change (A Helpful Guide Towards Enjoying a Rather Unintentional Night)

Maya Cooks | Posted on October 22, 2019

Best Believe We Were Going to Have a Great Night!

Now, I know we’ve all planned and prepared for social events that have turned out to be rather unpleasing, time-wasting, and boring to say the least. These events could take up the majority of our free time and somehow make us reconsider the amount of studying/homework that could have been done instead of attending said event. When a social event makes you think about school-related work, that’s how you know it wasn’t worth attending.

This previous weekend, I attended a social function with two friends. For about two weeks we conversed about the clothing we’ll wear, the people we’ll see, the food that would be served, and the various entertainment aspects that would be presented at this event. When we finally met up on the day of the function, you can rest assured that we did not come to play. Phone numbers, compliments, photos, and large portions of appetizers WILL be taken on that day.

Plans Change-A Helpful Guide Towards Enjoying A Rather Unintentional Night

Walking into the party scene, we were welcomed with a nearly empty room. Hold on, let me make sure y’all heard me correctly, NEARLY EMPTY! I mean we purposely showed up an hour late to avoid this situation. The setup itself was decent, but not how I pictured it to be at all. Numerous round tables with chairs were placed in front of a stage, a photoshoot backdrop lined the right side of the entrance, and the buffet area consisted of five tin pans with cases of water. Where was the dance floor? I did not pull out this hourglass fitting dress just to be sitting in a low tinted room all night.

My friends were just as displeased as I was, yet we continued to make the best out of it by taking countless photos, eating what looked like a sample-sized portion of food, and viewing the formal outfit choices of others. More people, not a lot, started to pour in as the minutes went by. The event “supposedly” kicked off 45 minutes later with two comedic hosts doing their own set of jokes and comedic routines, along with introducing a few performers. The jokes were a hit and miss, mainly a miss, which left my friends and I looking at each other in disappointment. We were not going to continue to sit there and think about what we could have done this night. Our next actions turned that “could have” into “going to.” So, best believe we were going to have a great night!

The following section contains the steps my friends and I took to enjoy a rather unintentional night out.

Ditch the Snooze Fest

If you’re confident as heck, just walk out of the event and don’t look back. However, if you’re like my friends and me, then you might create a plan to not draw attention to yourself and make it seem like you are not intentionally leaving the social event.

  1. Friend 1: Asks where the bathroom was located as he headed towards the exit.

  2. Me: Grabs my two water bottles and actively looks for a recycling bin as I make my way towards the exit.

  3. Friend 2: Nonchalantly grabs her coat and heads towards the exit. (She didn’t care at all!)

Select a Location of Interest

Since we only ate a sample-sized portion of food, the three of us decided to go somewhere to pig out, but in a classy manner. We went over the list of restaurants around campus, however, none fit the aura and attire we were currently serving. In the end, we selected The Grand Lux Cafe as our location of interest.

Decide on a Method of Transportation

Our location was a bit far, so taking an Uber seemed to be the most efficient transportation method. I, for one, am not familiar with taking an Uber, so whenever I take one with my friends, it’s almost like a “guess how this is going to go” type of game. Will the Uber driver be nice? Talkative? Sightly creepy? Will the car be junky? Smell weird? The world may never know! Our Uber driver was a bit on the talkative side. The fragrance in his car was so strong, I thought I was entering a trance. Friend 1 mainly communicated with the Uber driver, while Friend 2 texted in the group chat for Friend 1 to stop talking out of his a@@.

Enjoy the Night Out

Once we arrived at the restaurant, we were able to show off our formal wear and strut towards our designated table. The overall aura in the restaurant was lovely. The food we ordered was delicious, even though I should have ordered more chicken with my Fettuccine Alfredo (I promise you I only bit into four slices of chicken). The restaurant’s playlist was playing bops. My friends and I were able to converse about the previous event with numerous jokes. Our bellies were full afterward, but our night out was far from being over.

If you are ever attending an event that is less than what you considered it to be, don’t be afraid to be like Friend 2 and walk out of the event and change your plans. Don’t be goofy like me and Friend 1 who had to actually plan an exit strategy. There was LITERALLY no time gap between the three of us leaving!


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