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  • Veronica Trax


Every time I follow a celebrity I find out they have a podcast or have been a guest on a podcast. Podcasts have been growing and taking over outlets of media because they are convenient. Listeners can put on a podcast while they are going through daily tasks, such as commuting to work, cooking, exercising and even cleaning. Podcasts have turned into news outlets, entertainment outlets, career outlets and much more for many. The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and PBS are just some of the many news sources that have added podcasts to their base. Channel E, athletes, Barstool, YouTubers, politicians and even Kim Kardashian, have podcasts. 

Alexandra Cooper paved the way for podcasts, beginning to trend. She was the first one to really go viral with her podcast Call Her Daddy. The pod grabbed the attention of many and created a huge fan base called the “Daddy Gang.” In 2021 Cooper got a 60 million dollar deal with Spotify to exclusively air her podcast only on Spotify. On Spotify, she now has a video version of her podcast to watch as well. Cooper does solo episodes, has guest stars and has segments with doctors and therapists. 

Some of my favorite podcasts are Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlin, On Purpose with Jay Shetty, The Zach Sang Show and We’re All Insane by Devorah Roloff. These podcasts cover things I am interested in, such as deep topics and music. I also enjoy how these podcasts relate to things that are happening in my life. In the future, I can see podcasts taking over more segments of entertainment. Will you choose listening to a podcast over watching tv show or reading a book?

--- Victoria Trax



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