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Quaran – stuck?

Is Frustration Getting Closer to Killing Us Than Coronavirus?

I think by now everyone is running out of patience and things to do in this stay-at-home period. We have tried everything from random TikTok challenges to learning how to cook. We have even tried to not get irritated by the situation and push it out through exercise. Even binge-watching is now failing to entertain us as we struggle to get out of bed every morning.

It feels like we are living in the dull filter of an era where everything gets canceled, there is hardly any good news, and there’s no sight of a better future. This uncertainty and the negativity in the atmosphere is getting to people. It is normal to feel stress and anxiety due to the difference in daily routines. Although these responses may be natural due to the ongoing situation, prolonging this acceptance could tamper with mental health.

Breathe in on this abnormality and start accepting the best possible outcomes throughout the situation. We close our eyes and expect everything to be okay the minute we open our eyes. But being grateful to find our family and friends okay in front of our eyes has become a new reassurance that we seek.

When you go down a dark path where you start getting angry, questioning everything wrong, and frustration takes over your mind, try contacting your friends and family. Screen share and watch movies together, binge-watch a series, play virtual games, or just be there and do your own thing. The comfort of a loved one will calm the unsettling nerves and will make you ask questions such as “what will we do when it gets better?”

In the end, I would say be hopeful and try being positive. It is hard, trust me I know, but the thing I realized slowly is there is literally nothing we can do. Some days that makes me angry too, but all we can do is look forward and pray for a better tomorrow and good health.

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