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Reunited With an Old Friend: City and Colour

Okay, so the singer City and Colour isn’t actually an old friend of mine, but considering the fact that I’ve been listening to his songs for nearly a decade, I feel like his songs really have become like an old friend to me. On Friday, I was able to see the singer perform at a sold out show at The Metro. The venue was literally packed to the brim with fans, but City and Colour still managed to perform an incredible set that felt intimate and had me mesmerized throughout the entire night.

This was the first time that I’ve attended a show at The Metro. The one other time that I’ve been at the venue was at the merch room when I met CHVRCHES a few weeks ago along with my friend and fellow blogger, Sonia. At that time, I wasn’t able to get a chance to see what the stage actually looked like.

It’s definitely one of the smaller venues in Chicago. With each additional concert-goer that entered the The Metro to see the sold out show, the venue seemed to become even smaller. Despite the fact that the venue was a bit overcrowded, especially with it being a sold out show, I was still able to enjoy City and Colour’s concert.

Here’s some more information about the singer. With 5 studio albums released, Dallas Green, who goes by stage name City and Colour, is no stranger to the music world. His musical stylings consist of frequently acoustic indie/folk rock, and sound like an interesting combination of Bon Iver and Hozier.

Some of his most well-known songs include “The Girl” and “Sleeping Sickness,” both off of his album Bring Me Your Love, and “Comin’ Home,” off of Sometimes. His new album, If I Should Go Before You, released this past October 9th, shows his growth as a musician, with upbeat single “Wasted Love,” and “Woman,” a 9-minute song that catches your ear and mesmerizes you all the way through.

“Woman” is the song that he opened with. The song was a strong and bold way of beginning his setlist which included some of his other hits mentioned above like “Sleeping Sickness” and “The Girl”. Some other songs that were also included on his setlist were “Mizzy C”, “Body In A Box” and “The Grand Optimist”.

City and Colour had a setlist of some great songs, but out of all of the ones he played at his concert, my favorite song that he performed was “Hello, I’m In Delaware”. This song has a special place in my heart because it was one of the first songs that I’ve heard by the singer. In addition to that, it was also one of the first songs that got me into indie and alternative rock which is my favorite music genre today. I was drowning in nostalgia as I heard him sing it and I wished the moment would never end.

Overall, I had a great time at his concert. It was exciting to finally see City and Colour perform live after all the years of listening to his recordings. If you haven’t had the chance to listen to his newest album, I definitely recommend you to check it out. If you want to check out his song “Hello, I’m In Delaware”, you can listen to it below!


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