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Sheri’s Spotlight: Lawrence’s Hotel TV


With social media giving basically anyone the chance to make it big, it’s easy to get lost in the constant cycle of new bands and sounds. 8-piece soul-pop group Lawrence — founded by sibling duo Clyde and Gracie Lawrence — is one to which your attention needs to be paid. Due to being raised in New York City, Clyde and Gracie have been singing, performing, and writing songs together for most of their lives. Officially formed in 2015, Lawrence started performing live shows all around New York City. In the years since, they’ve released an EP, 2 albums, and have gained a huge following across all platforms. 

July 2021 marked the release of Lawrence’s second album, Hotel TV, a treasury of positivity and funk. The album opens with “Don’t Lose Sight”, an ode to perseverance to which both siblings lend their insanely soulful vocals. Titular track “Hotel TV” follows along with “Jet Lag” for a chiller and more reflective sound. “Freckles” is an instant classic for Lawrence with its funky rhythms and heartwarming lyrics like, “Why would you ever want to change your…/Your freckles (You know you’re beautiful!)”. The first half of the album closes with “Thoughts From the ER (Silver Lining)” a 90s pop-ballad inspired tune that is just as grand and lofty as it sounds. 

The groovy and danceable “It’s Not All About You” opens up the second half of the album showcasing the band’s talented percussionists and brass players. Lawrence’s more R&B side rears its head with “It’s Gonna Be Me (feat. Brasstracks)”. Playful and breezy, “The Weather” provides a soothing break from the rest of the album’s floorshaking beats. The album rounds itself out with “Figure It Out (A Song Between Siblings)”, a wholesome tune that brings Lawrence back to its roots and encapsulates the band’s whole vibe. 

Over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify don’t lie, Lawrence’s offbeat soul-pop style is unique, special, and on the come up. With a tour launching this fall and more new fans everyday, it’s about time to hop on the Lawrence train because it’s taking off. 


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