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Summer 2015 Mix

Hello Readers!


I’m back with new songs that I have been wanting to share with you!

Hopefully your summer is going great so far. Maybe you’re soaking up a little sun and enjoying the city with your friends; maybe cruising down Lake Shore Drive…and what could possibly make that a little better than some great music to vibe to?

This is the playlist of the summer to keep it “lit”.

Besides featuring new summer jams on this diversified playlist I created below, I would like to introduce you to an underrated and very talented artist. Her name is Leslie Grace.

Leslie Grace - the "Princess" of bachata

Leslie Grace – the “Princess” of bachata

Leslie Grace is a bachata singer of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent.  According to Wikipedia, she has been performing as a singer since she was a toddler. Within the past years, she has been nominated for various awards as a solo artist. Additionally, she has released multiple singles that stay true to her classy demeanor. She should be well acknowledged for “gracefully” making covers of old-fashioned songs such as:

  1. “Will you still love me tomorrow?” (Her breakout hit with a hint of Spanglish)

  1. “Be my Baby” (another bachata song with a 60s vibe…and Spanglish)

Leslie Grace has kept her genre at heart while creating her new [modernized] music video and song: “Cómo duele el Silencio”.

Be sure to check out the rest of Leslie Grace’s music!

Speaking of bachata artists, Prince Royce, who was blogged about before in my post: ROYCE!, has a whole new rhythm and style which reveals he is not solely dedicated to the bachata genre. He switched it up for his brand new album “Double Vision”. Prince Royce mentioned in an Extra interview with Mario Lopez that this “crossover journey – English pop album” will be released July 24th.

His new song that made the “lit” Summer 2015 Mix playlist is: “Back it up”

This song is danceable magic that features Jennifer Lopez, who was featured in my very FIRST post: JLo – Your True Love? and Pitbull, whom I also blogged about [at the beginning of this year]: It’s 2015!!! DALE!! Be sure to re-read those blogs to refresh your memory on these musicians and their work.

Finally, here is the Summer 2015 Mix you have been waiting for:

Be sure to follow me (Lenora Segura) on Spotify for more music playlists.

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