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The Best Of Being Funny In A Foreign Language

For many of us, the 1975 isn’t only a band, but an item of growing up. “Somebody Else” and “Girls” were anthems throughout high school whether we were feeling careless or caring too much. The band has very much aged up with their audience, going from their mainly poppy bounce to more somber lyricism and theatrical instrumentation to serve as soundtracks of the lives of many. Today, I’d like to share 5 personal favorites from their latest album, Being Funny In A Foreign Language.

Album Art for BFIAFL

  1. Wintering:

“Wintering” gives us a look into the loving, and sometimes dynamic, relationships that come with visiting family and friends surfacing around the holiday season. We’re introduced to so many characters and dynamics in one song that it feels like a people watching experience, while also allowing us some relatability as Thanksgiving approaches. The feel good chord progression allows it all to be viewed in good nature, reminding us of the now matured glance that we can take at our positions in our families. 

  1. Looking For Somebody (To Love)

At first this song struck me as a classic composition by the 1975, turning back their signature sound. That notion was quickly disturbed by the lyric “Somebody picking out the body of somebody they were getting to know.” Upon looking into the meaning, I found this song is indeed about school shootings. Oddly enough, this made me fall in love with the juxtaposition of this song that much more, as it offers a take on both sides of the view of a toxic mentality. Both from, possibly, Matty and the shooter’s perspective. Though a sensitive topic, the message is packaged in a personable and digestible manner. 

  1. Part Of The Band

This song was the debut single to the album, and it couldn’t have been picked better. It takes us through much cryptic imagery of the inside mind of Matty Healy. The imagination is celebrated and embraced instead of being viewed as a place to hide from, laid over by such whimsical strings. This song so wonderfully encompasses the mind and mentality expressed through the majority of the remaining tracks.

Alternative album cover

  1. When We Are Together

A beautiful sentiment and inside look in a relationship, for better or for worse. We see the seasons of loving someone in its endearing moments, and also the toxicity of ego and mistakes made, while still caring deeply for someone (or maybe it’s codependency). The charm of this track is that much of the healthiness of the relationship at hand could be up to the interpretation of the listener, and therefore determined by their own experience. An instrumental gives us a mellow acoustic, with character from soft synth backing, bright drums and backing vocals to fall back on. String arrangements are placed in giving a fleshed out tone. 

  1. The 1975

The song phases through the stages of growing up with the ringing lyrics of “it’s about time and this is what it looks like.” It’s presented as a somewhat abstract representation of the miraculous, confusing and desperate pursuit of finding a place in the world while having been a child just, what seems like, yesterday. Like previous tracks by The 1975, this tune could be taken as a critique on the world as we know it. For all of its pressures and expectations with an underlying question of why we adhere to them.


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