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The Daily Blend’s February Top Ten 2018

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Hey guys! So, uh, sorry in advance for the lack of variety in this month’s edition of good music. It’s been kind of a pain to put this together because I’ve been REALLY into like three bands all month, so I was definitely scrambling to get all of my eggs together for the month (did you see what I did there??). Regardless, I would never leave you guys hanging; I promise, I’ll always have some good music on here, and I won’t just put stuff on here to fill the blank spots. BUT ANYWAY, let’s get into the prerecorded message for every single one of my blogs!

With everything that is played on my show, you all probably think I have way too much happening in the skull area of my body. So, I want to give everyone a little insight as to what’s going on in my brain, without having to look at the “Recently Played” section on my Spotify. The solution I came to was to tell everyone about the hidden (and not so hidden) gems in my music library for the month. Some of the music I post will be at the top of charts, some of the music won’t be your style, some will be a band’s biggest hit that I’ve just been happening to listen to a lot, and some will be completely unknown to you!

So, to start it off, here’s just a couple of my favorite artists for February, a little bit about them, and some song suggestions:

  1. A Day To Remember (Rock)

Y’ALL. I just saw ADTR again, like literally a week ago exactly, and let me tell you, I forgot how much I love them. I’ve been preparing for the show over this month, and then the show 100% reignited the flame. They are honestly so amazing, and even better live, and it’s just so great to see how far they’ve come over the years. If you ever get a chance to see them live, DO IT! But for now, listening to their recorded stuff works. 🙂

Song suggestions: “Bullfight,” “Violence (Enough is Enough),” “Another Song About the Weekend”

  1. Waterparks (Pop Punk)

LOL y’all really thought that I would kick Parx off the list???? NOPE! My mom even likes them; you know a band’s good when they pass the parent test. I still can’t stop listening to them (what a shocker, a month later and I’m still listening to the same stuff constantly). And I’m not even sorry. I did put some new suggested songs (including one on their new album!), though, so at least I’m changing it up a bit!

Song suggestions: “Mad All The Time,” “Easter Egg,” “Rare”

  1. Amber Run (Indie)

SHOUTOUT MY NAME TWIN BACK HOME; SAM SQUARED, YOU ROCK! <– this lovely human is the one that opened the door to this band. I went to my old high school’s dance concert at the beginning of the month, and a few of my friends did a dance to a song by Amber Run, and I literally fell in love right then and there. I added the song to my Spotify before the dance even ended. If you like chill music, I would 100% recommend these guys.

Song suggestions: “Spark,” “5AM,” “Noah”

  1. PVRIS (Alternative Rock)

I honestly can’t even remember if PVRIS has been on the list before. Actually, now that I’m typing this, I think I may have put them on before… REGARDLESS, they’re on the list now, and let me tell ya why. First off, she has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like female voices. Their songs are super original, super catchy, super well written, and honestly amazing. Give them a listen!

Song suggestions: “Ghosts,” “Winter,” “Eyelids”

  1. Falling in Reverse (Rock)

And here we have another band from the concert. I absolutely love these guys, even if I kind of took a break from them for a little bit a while ago. Personally, I almost think they’re better live than recorded. I think my opinion is valid seeing as I’ve seen them live 4 times now. REGARDLESS, they have some good music. Just actually released a new song about a week and a half ago, so check that out!

Song suggestions: “Broken,” “Brother,” “Self-Destruct Personality”

  1. Celtica Pipes Rock! (Irish)

March is upon us, my fellow Homo sapiens. Be prepared for next month’s blog to be filled with Irish music. So, here’s your little preview! I saw these guys at Milwaukee Irish Fest this past year, and they’re right up my alley. They combine rock music with bagpipes, fiddles, and tons of other instruments. They’re amazing, so please go listen to some bagpipes for me, thanks!

Song suggestions: “Demon of Carbonium,” “The Mummers Dance,” “Victoria’s Desire”

  1. Papa Roach (Hard Rock)

I promise this is the last time (for this blog, at least) I’ll be talking about the concert I went to last weekend. I also realized just now that all of the bands from the concert that are on the blog this month were on blogs in the past. Oops. BUT YEAH, I saw Papa Roach, too. I’ve never seen them live so that was definitely an experience. By far some of the most dedicated musicians when it comes to live performances. But their recorded stuff is what hooks you, so go listen to them!

Song suggestions: “Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey),” “Face Everything and Rise,” “Burn”

  1. Creeper (Punk Rock)

So, I’ve been meaning to listen to Creeper for a while now. I heard of them a long time ago and I never actually was motivated to listen to them. But I’ve been seeing their name pop up more on social media and schtuff, so I’m like OKAY WELL I GUESS THAT’S A SIGN. Turns out they’re pretty decent. They only have one album out right now, but I will definitely be waiting to hear more from them!

Song suggestions: “Down Below,” “Poison Pens,” “Darling”

  1. Milestones (Pop Rock)

I just found this band, thanks to some suggestions. They’re a new-ish band, having only released about 15 or 16 songs total. I was kind of hesitant because they didn’t have many songs, but they’re so good that I just had to keep listening! I’d say more about these guys but they don’t really give me much! All I can say is that I can’t wait until they release more music in the future.

Song suggestions: “Forever or Never,” “Bittersweetheart,” “Call Me Disaster”

  1. Anberlin (Alternative Rock)

I never thought I’d say this, but thank you television for giving me good music. But seriously, I started a new show on Netflix and they use A TON of music from this band! So naturally, I had to look them up and save all of their songs to my Spotify playlists. I’ve never even heard of these guys before in my life, so you probably haven’t either. Go check them out!

Song suggestions: “True Faith,” “The Feel Good Drag,” “Enjoy the Silence”

Now we go on to the top tracks of February:

  1. “I Found,” – Amber Run (5AM, 2015)

  2. “Pink,”– Waterparks (Cluster, 2016)

  3. “Cringe – Stripped,” – Matt Maeson (Cringe (Stripped) – Single, 2017)

  4. “All Signs Point to Lauderdale,” – A Day To Remember (What Separates Me From You, 2010)

  5. “Misery,” – Creeper (Eternity, In Your Arms, 2017)

  6. “Cut,” – Plumb (Chaotic Resolve, 2006)

  7. “Losing My Mind,” – Falling in Reverse (Losing My Mind – Single, 2018)

  8. “Worst,” – Awsten Knight (this wasn’t actually on an album or anything, it was released on youtube and then deleted by him, but now it’s still around in lyric videos so… , 2017)

  9. “Crazy,” – Makeout (The Good Life, 2017)

  10. “Heaven,” – PVRIS (All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, 2017)

Aaaaaaand finally, the killer albums of February:

  1. “White Noise,” – PVRIS (2014)

  2. “Entertainment,” – Waterparks (2018)

  3. “Bad Vibrations,” – A Day To Remember (2016)

  4. “How to Save a Life,” – The Fray (2005)

  5. “Eternity, In Your Arms,” – Creeper (2017)

  6. “Steamphonia,” – Celtica Pipes Rock! (2016)

  7. “Crooked Teeth,” – Papa Roach (2017)

  8. “Red Lights,” – Milestones (2018)


  10. “Never Take Friendship Personal,” – Anberlin (2005)

With all of that being said, if you have something you think is “Top Ten” quality, follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter and shoot me a message! I’d love to take requests, and if I love the artist/album/song enough, it just might make it on my list!

Instagram: samanthaxoxo___ (that’s 3 underscores :D)

Twitter: samanthacxoxo_

See ya next month!


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