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“The Office” is following YOU home– B.J Novak is coming to UIC

To all my fellow “The Office” fans, do I have some great news for you! Writer and Co-Executive Producer of “The Office,” B.J. Novak, is coming to UIC to perform at LOL@UIC this January 30, 2014. Novak is performing live at this comedy night for UIC students at the UIC forum.

If his name is simply not familiar to you maybe the name Ryan Howard, the temp from “The Office,” will help you remember a face that’s all too familiar. Yes, B.J. Novak played the role of Ryan, Kelly’s undying love, in “The Office.” If you’re not excited yet then you, my friend, are no fan of comedy.

His performance will take place at 7 p.m. This performance is strictly for UIC students, staff and faculty, as the flyer states. Don’t miss out on seeing this multi-talented comedian in what I’m sure will be an awesome performance. I personally cannot wait for the opportunity to see him up close and in real life. Did you know that he graduated from Harvard? Bet you didn’t. What a smart stud. His current networth, according to Celebrity Networth, is $18 million (although I’m not sure that the networth is up to date). B.J. Novak is also in a film recently released called “Saving Mr. Banks,” an adaptation of how the “Marry Poppins” novel was turned into a movie. Am I the only one who thinks someone should be getting some good quotes from this guy the night of the event?

I think the bigger question lingering here is: how did UIC score B.J. Novak? If you know, please leave a comment down below to help satisfy my curiosity.

I now give you “The Office” theme song to pump everyone up for this event:

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