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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of making a little week-long trip to Denver. It was a bit spontaneous, but full of perspective reset and reminders of just how many experiences are to be had no matter where you are. So, this is a little recap of the highlights and recommendations. Because who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself in a spot where you need to get away. 

  1. MEOW WOLF (or any interactive museum) 

Meow Wolf could be seen as an extremely interactive art museum. The exhibit features installations of 120 artists in the Denver area and is praised for its psychedelic themes. This spot is perfect for adults who want to relive the fun of childlike exploring, as many of the rooms are connected in a maze-esque fashion being hidden in a map that is so easy to get lost in. Not only is the setup of the museum intricate and a worthy trip in itself, but the pieces are tied together by a story. At the front desk you can pick up a ‘QPASS’ that can be scanned in certain rooms. This allows for you to collect bits of memories that eventually tie together to give lore to the expedition. With there being 3 Meow Wolf locations so far, I’d say whether you’re looking for a photography stop, adventure or fun story, this is a go-to.  

Meow Wolf


Short for River North Art District, RiNo is full of art, brews and urban charisma. The spot is a gold mine for up and coming artists due to its numerous art galleries honoring all types of methods and media. Along with some artistic exploring, there are equal amounts of hip breweries and restaurants to try. Especially the large selection of Mexican food, which is a staple for the state which used to be a Mexican territory. Even if you don’t get a chance to venture inside any of the buildings, just a walk along the buildings is well worth it. The murals scattered across the buildings give a splash of color to outwardly show just how creative the district can be.


Like mentioned before, Colorado is a big brewery destination, actually taking fourth place in the U.S. for breweries per capita. However, if beer isn’t your cup of coffee, feel free to try out actual cups of coffee! While staying in Denver, I was surprised with just how many cafes were in a walkable distance and had a blast checking out all the different atmospheres. At Milk & Honey, you can find yourself surrounded by deep green walls and plants, and even pick up a “Bean Book,” guide to all the local cafes. This book came in handy with spots for marking down the drink you tried, the vibe of the shop and what you did while there. Or a stop at Devil’s Cup makes a great study stop with its open, bright atmosphere and delicious signature lattes. No matter where you end up, you’re sure to get a satisfactory dose of crafted caffeine and comfort.

Huck Cafe in Denver


Nature and music are two things that are common ground for people to find beauty, so both at once is something to try at least once. During my time in Colorado it was a bit too chilly for music venues, but my boyfriend and I decided to find our way through some of the trails anyway, which turned out to be an amazing decision. The rich colorfulness of the park allows for beauty covered in foliage in the spring or, as we found, snow capped mounts. There are abundant trails to choose from depending on if you’re looking for a scenic route, or something that won’t take up too much time. Our quick trip along the Trading Post trail was more than rewarding and gave a needed breath of fresh air. We also got the chance to climb the stairs to the amphitheater, and might just have to make a trip back when the music is back on.

view from Red Rocks Park

No matter what you choose to do or where you choose to venture, do it with an open mind and joyful spirit and welcome new experiences. Truth be told you don’t have to go across the country to be a tourist, but can find escapades within your hometown if you choose. In all honesty, one of my cherished moments on this getaway was laughing while sleep deprived in the airport at 5am. That being said, these numbers are suggestions for things that might strike up some excitement. But no matter what, excitement can be found in the gift of living wherever you might be placed.

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