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We stay on top of communication with each other, even when someone needs to work remotely. Soon, we will move to The Factory, a newly constructed campus where we’ll get to share space with many other startups and tech companies, such as Zendesk, SoundCloud and Mozilla.

Q: What is your typical design process? I always start with pen and paper. I use a brainstorming strategy that I call The Simpsons (yes, like the TV show). I call it The Simpsons because I try to produce strange ideas, just like the crazy cartoon does. Also, I never pick the first idea. For example, when the character Homer walks past a banana, most of the audience would think he will slip and fall. But the creators of The Simpsons always make him do something unexpected.

I sketch some of the developed ideas on paper, then scan these drawings to the computer. During my design process, I also look at many photography libraries for reference. Usually, I’ll create multiple versions for one project. After collecting feedback from my colleagues, I’ll keep refining the one that has gotten the best feedback until the final delivery. In terms of digital tools, Photoshop is my favorite. I use Illustrator to draw complex shapes, too. And Keynote is the tool I use for constructing wireframes.

Q: What inspires you outside of work? Berlin. The city is full of talented creatives. Because of the inexpensive cost of living, many young artists and designers can do what they love here without concern for money. During my free time, I like to explore the city. Berlin has so efficient an infrastructure that I can easily travel across the city. Currently, I live in the neighborhood Welding. It is not as popular as Mitte or Kreuzberg because it is still under development. But that’s why I like to discover new things happening here.


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