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  • Gayathri Tummala

A Day at Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is perfect for a day out with your family or a date. We have been planning this visit since the end of September and finally visited on October 29, the last day of their fall festival. The fall colors all around were perfect. I personally felt the place was perfect for a wedding.

How do I get there?

We took a blue line from Taylor and Racine to Clark/Lake, and from there, we took bus 22 and walked a 5-minute walk from the bus stop into the zoo.

What to see?

We started with the ape family and saw the lions next. There were giraffes and zebras standing up so elegantly. The kids would love to see all the animals. I personally love watching birds, and there were different varieties of birds, some in cages, some out in the open, in their own habitat.

It was also my first time seeing a polar bear, and I was genuinely surprised by its size.

There was a carousel and bounce house, among other things, for the kids to play. There was lots of fall food available, including caramel apples with marshmallows, cookies, and smores that you could make yourself.

There is also a cute gift shop full of toys, merchandise, and postcards for the shoppers, as a token of remembrance.

The cold weather combined with hot caramel chocolate was pure bliss. I would say Lincoln Park is a must-visit place in the fall.


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