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Dunn With the Justice System


I honestly think the American “Justice” System ought to alter its title to American Free for All. During July of last year, Micheal Dunn shot and killed 17 year old Jordan Davis for playing his music too loud at a Florida gas station. I’m pretty sick of the guessing game that young men of color (Hispanic, Black, darker skinned Asian, and Middle Eastern) youth have to play with their safety. I do NOT care about the socially constructed concept of race in this case, I care about the evidence.  Not only did Dunn admit to shooting Davis, other witnesses said Dunn was the upset party in the situation! Though Dunn will possibly face up to 60 years in prison, the thought of the death penalty was not even an option in “exchange” for Davis’s life. Dunn stated that he was acting on self defense becuase he believed Davis had a gun. He will possibly spend time in prison for aiming at the car that Davis and his friends were in.  I think that is what hurts me the most. I understand a mother and father lost their son, a friend lost a friend, and a sibling lost their sibling, but it sucks to know that nothing as painful as what the above mentioned are going through can be justified legally.

Just a refresher, this is extremely similar to the Trayvon Martin case that sparked national controversy and put into question the American legal system. Both cases happened in Florida, both unfortunately revolved around “race”, and both will be forgot in the next few years until it happens again.

The scariest part is what if an appeal is approved, and the original verdict is overturned? If so, where does that leave the hurt families and the broken image of justice? What else will not have to pay for their crimes if anyone pleads self defense?



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